DIY Kitchen Redesign: The Clean-Up

Clean upThere are a lot of ways you can easily redesign or refit your home to create a more appealing environment. From a new paint job to installing new flooring, it’s easy to create a space you’re proud of and can truly call home. However, even the most minor construction projects can create a lot of dust and mess, which can in turn damage your existing furnishings.

One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a whole new look and feel is to tear out your old, outdated kitchen cupboards and either refinish them or replace them. Since you’re at it, you may want to paint the walls while their empty. However, if you’re not planning on replacing your countertops, it’s vital that you take steps to protect and clean them properly to prevent them from being scratched or getting covered in paint.

Protect Your Surfaces

Before starting any DIY construction project, it’s important that you cover any existing surfaces or furnishings that will remain, such as counters, appliances, floors, etc. You can buy sheets of thicker plastic, or simply use garbage bags, cardboard, or blankets. Keep everything covered from beginning until you’re entirely finished with the project and if you use plastic, make sure to fix and rips or tears to prevent dirt from being trapped underneath and scratching your expensive countertop.

The Final Clean-up

If there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot be without when it comes to cleaning up your construction mess it’s a good vacuum with an efficient air filter. Although your covering should help prevent most dirt from coming into contact with your countertops, floors furniture, etc., you’ll invariably still need to give all of these surfaces a cleaning after you uncover them. Not only that, but you’ll also want to clean all of your new cabinets or other surfaces as well.

The problem is that if you try to use a cloth or a brush and dustpan for this task, there’s a huge chance that this will lead to scratches or other damage thanks to the debris. These methods also tend to stir up a lot of dust, clouding the air and eventually settling back in place and forcing you to do it all over again.

If you happen to have an upright vacuum, you’ll probably want to invest in either a cylinder model, or better yet a handheld vacuum cleaner  to help with cleaning up the new cupboards, drawers and other hard to reach places. When cleaning counters, wood, tile and other easily damageable surfaces, it’s a good idea to use a soft bristle brush attachment. You also need to make sure your vacuum has a good filtration system that can trap in all the dust and particles.

No matter how many precautions you take and how careful you try to be, construction always creates more of a mess than you’d think, but by taking these simple steps, you can make sure that mess doesn’t lead to a more permanent blemish on your otherwise fantastic new furnishings.

How to Choose a Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosure


Many people find a bath relaxing after a stressful day. But when they are getting ready for work in the morning, they generally want to take a shower. Or, if they have a regular exercise fitness routine they do at home, they want to take a quick shower. In many homes, the bathtub does double duty and serves as a shower, too.

If you are planning a bathroom redesign, you may want to consider adding a shower cabin. Look over your bathroom to see if you can fit one into an existing space. If not, check the rooms next to the bathroom to see if you can take some space from the room to add to the bathroom.

When planning your bathroom redesign, you may be thinking about replacing your current bathtub. This is another reason to consider adding a shower enclosure. Some of the new bathtubs are not made for showers.

If you are planning a complete bathroom redesign and you are contracting the work out, your designer will help you to select the standalone shower for your bathroom.

If you plan to install the standalone shower like this yourself, you will have to determine the plumbing needs for your new shower. If you cannot determine  where the water will come from, you will need to call in a plumber. The expense of adding a water line for your new shower may cause to think twice.

The first thing you need to do before choosing your new shower enclosure is to determine the space you have. If you find you can fit one into your bathroom, it is time to go shopping. You will need to visit home improvement stores to see what is available. Many will have complete kits. Some may only have parts that have to be purchased separately. The parts you need include a shower floor, shower walls, shower door, and shower head.


Standalone showers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Remember the cash in your budget before making your purchase. Most home improvement stores sell the parts you will need. They may have one on display and if you like it, you can purchase the shower parts you see or you can look around and mix and match the items you need. You can also write down the particular items by brand name and part number and the price. When you get home, you can search the Internet to see if you can get a better price for the items.

Big Showerhead



If you are handy, you may be able to install the standalone shower as long as the plumbing you need is available. You can have a local plumber do this for you and you put the parts together.

Make your selection and enjoy your new shower !

Best Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

In recent times, homes have bathrooms that are double the size of what they used to be a few decades back. If you have an older family home or have seen one, you might have noticed the old-fashioned windows, edgy plumbing and those really small bathrooms. If you happen to have one of those, you do not have to be disheartened. You can make your little bathroom look spacious and efficient at the same time. All you need to be is a little creative. You can make your tiny bathroom look big by adopting some illusory and simple design themes.


Asian Style bathroom

Asian Flash

You can change the ‘80s look from your bathroom and make it look gorgeous with some contemporary Asian ideas. Dark shades of rich colors make a small space look larger that you might want to paint the walls with a color like that or two. Putting some exotic Asian flowers and small accent pieces will divert the attention from the size. You could even use some Asian symbols on the walls. Asian style has never gone out of style, and it makes your bathroom exceptional.



The Beach Vibe

The beach theme will make your bathroom look fresh and fun. A dry, stony riverbed on the floor will keep the attention focused there and not on the walls. That added with some diffusive lighting will create an impression of a larger room. You could use mirrors on the walls. Some smartly put mirrors would brighten the bathroom and make it look roomy.


The Modern Look

So your bathroom is small, and you want it to look trendy. First, make sure that your shower has a curbless doorway so that no extra space is wasted. You can use a frameless, large and white designer mirror with rolling horizontal lines on the walls. Smartly placed task lights with that design will make the bathroom look bigger. Place a marble dividing wall over the toilet area, plus a recessed storage place can also be set up. World of Baths can provide some great stuff to build your modern bathroom. For example, they have something called Piccolo Short Projection Toilet. Try it.

Small Oval Bathtub




Sweet, Simple, Small

Some people want a good looking yet simple bathroom. If you’re one of them, we have some ideas for you. An acrylic freestanding bathtub will be an excellent addition in that tiny guest bathroom, oval-shaped if possible. What little space is left can be used as storage space. Put a curved vanity with
extension drawer slides having deep drawers.






Even after all the adjustments, your tiny bathroom might have teeny problems. Some small fixes can change the total vibe your bathroom gives out. For example, a battered or misplaced window can look odd and ruin the entire look. You can place a triple folding bath shower to cover that up, plus some light gets through. Or hang a large framed mirror horizontally to span the length. Increasing storage with a wall mounted towel rack will also help the look.



Corner Shower Cabin


Spa solitude

If your bathroom is shared by two rooms on either side of it, it is bound to look smaller than it actually is. What you can do is clad the room with different mirror surfaces and white marble tiling. You can add storage space with long wall cabinets. A self-contained corner shower cabin with sliding doors save space too. If you select some rich wood tones, the place will look warmer and more comfortable.

If you can pull off these ideas in your smallest bathrooms properly, there is no reason your bathroom would not look stylish and amazing. Your bathroom space may be limited, but your creativity does not have to be.

Bathroom Window Coverings


While bathroom window coverings bring elegance and beauty to your bathroom, there are requirements of which they should meet. Depending on the function you want your bathroom window coverings to serve, they should be able to provide or do the following things:

Ability to cope with moisture

Before you buy your bathroom window covering, take into consideration that bathrooms get very humid. This can have a significant effect on your curtain choice, as certain materials have the ability to handle moisture better than others. Search for bathroom curtains made of water-proof fabrics that are moisture and water resistant. These can include cotton, polyester and synthetic fabrics, which come in all sorts of colors and patterns, guaranteed to still provide that aesthetic value to your bathroom without mold. In this way your bathroom interior design can cope with moisture.


If privacy is an issue for you, with your bathroom window either facing the street or your neighbor‘s house, blinds and shades are great choices. Faux wood blinds are effective for privacy and they handle bathroom moisture quite well. Also, Roman shades can keep the bathroom hidden from outside peepers while simultaneously resisting mold and mildew. Balloon shades and other pleated shades gives your bathroom a picturesque effect, adding to the beauty and elegance of your bathroom while keeping it private.


There are numerous ideas for bathroom window coverings that make your bathroom attractive and makes your bathroom interior design work the best . A layered look with either blinds or shades with a curtain on top adds sophistication to your bathroom. A valance, sometimes paired with bishop’s sleeve drapes, gives your window a soft, elegant look. Go with the theme or color scheme of your bathroom when choosing a color or pattern. Matching them with a particular accent color enhances the beauty of your bathroom as well.

There are many bathroom window coverings available, but these ideas are ideal when shopping for treatments that provide beauty, with privacy, to your bathroom.

Build An Affordable Home Office


Today’s corporate culture encompasses much more than the typical 9 to 5 office position. Technological advancements allow many people to have offices in their homes, giving the workforce the opportunity to take advantage of not having to commute to an alternate location. Closets Etc home office designers can help individuals who work from home make the most of their home office space.

Closets Etc has been helping people in New England organize their homes since 1987. They’ve expanded their services to include pantry organization and home office design, keeping pace with the changing lifestyles of homeowners, offering more unique options to keep homes clutter-free and organized.

Working from home shouldn’t overwhelm your living space. Home office designers from Closets Etc can help you maximize the space you’ve set aside for your job, giving you the room you need without sacrificing the space your family needs in your home. Whether you have just an alcove, or a full room you’re able to devote to an office, their home office designers will help increase your productivity regardless of the amount of space you have to work with.

Closets Etc home office designers have the tools and the ingenuity to help you design the perfect workstation. Your unique home is no match for home office designers who have experience turning any size space into a productive area that will suit the needs of anyone who needs to work from home. Anything from a simple desk to a complete corporate-style space is possible, when you work with a Closets Etc home office designer. Your home office designer will choose the right desk and accessories that will maximize the space you have, plus all the extras to help you stay organized and keep clutter to a minimum. Once you see what at Closets Etc home office designer can do for you, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

If you’re able to devote an entire room or a larger space to your home office, a home office designer will present you with affordable design options that will include spacious desks, handy shelving, and bookcases that can accommodate all the materials you need to do your job from home. Your home office designer can also suggest modifications that can be made to Closet Etc’s products, giving you exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t. If you need a floor-to-ceiling design that utilizes every bit of available space, a home office designer will help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re a student or a high-level executive, Closets Etc home office designers will design a space that will keep you working efficiently and in style.

See what Closets Etc’s home office designers can do for you by visiting closets-etc. There, you’ll find a gallery of home office designers’ work in every type of space, along with the products Closets Etc offers to help you build an affordable, quality home office.

Trust the home office designers at Closets Etc to maximize all your available space, and design a home office that will be a joy to work in.

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